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Terms of use

By registering on this site, the customer the platforms of Evergreen Promotions Ltd (subsequently provider), agrees to the following terms of use. The user must be aged 18 or over. This portal is a service of Evergreen Promotions Ltd. The usage of Kinkats is free. The provider reserves the right to start charging fully or partially (additional features) for Kinkats.

§ 1 Usage, requirements

1. The provider grants access via internet, mobile devices and tablet-pcs, to the site, a communications platform for contacts.
2. The usage of Kinkats requires a registration containing first name, e-mail address, gender and birthday (account). Logging in via a Facebook profile is also possible.
3. The user can delete the account at anytime. The account can also be deactivated by the provider without disclosing a reason. The provider reserves the right to change usernames.

§ 2 User responsibilities, Data privacy agreement

1. The user is solely responsible for the correctness of their registration data, the uploading of their clips and images, as well as any further information provided by them. The provider stores this information not for himself, but for the user.
2. The user assures, that the individual-related data is in accordance with the truth and describes them personally. The user agrees, that the provider may, in justified singular cases, request proof of the validity of the statements made by the user in adverts, forums or chatrooms. The user agrees to comply with such requests. The user assures that they own all the rights to any content they publish, and have the permission of any persons visible in said content.
3. The user is obligated to prevent any harm to the provider, in form of civil or criminal legal complaints, which might arise through their registration or participation, as long as these complaints were not caused willfully or through negligence of the provider, their representatives or legal servants. The user is obligated to release the provider of any liability or responsibility, that might result from damages because of libel, slander, violation of personal rights, specifically through the usage of photos and their violation of intellectual property, or any further resulting rights.
4. The user agrees, that the provider may divulge relevant personal information to complainants, if this frees Evergreen Promotions Ltd., a affiliated company, or an employee thereof, from civil- or criminal-law obligations.
5. The user agrees to treat e-mails and other messages as confidential and to not divulge them to third parties without the express consent of the author. This also applies to names, phone and fax numbers, address information, e-mail address and/or URLs.
6. The user agrees, that the provider may use the provided public information of a user for Activity overviews, RSS-Feeds and other messaging services (such as Twitter). The user furthermore agrees that their profile or parts thereof may be framed by adverts of any kind. The rights of the provider do not end with the deletion of the user´s account. If the user should encounter their data or their previous profile in an advertisement, after their account had been deleted, and report this to the provider, the provider will make an effort to remove the advertisement.
7. The provider agrees to only use the information provided by the user for contract purposes, and not to divulge this information to third parties.